Tioga, ND

Oil Capital of North Dakota


Beginning November 7th, 2017

WINTER Hours Of Operation:

Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00am-12:pm & 1:00pm-5:00pm 

Call 641-3100 and someone will meet you out there.

 Weather Permitting

 In Town Resident Fees (Out of Town Fees Double)

$10.00 per appliance

$10.00 per pick up load           

$4.00 per tire

$20.00 per trailer load

$20.00  for burn barrel ashes

$50.00 per pickup load for cement/asphalt

$15.00 per yard Residence - Asphalt/Gravel/Cement/Dirt 

$30.00 per yard Commercial - Asphalt/Gravel/Cement/Dirt


 *****Tioga Landfill open to 58852 Zip Code ONLY******


   ALLOWABLE ITEMS: wood, plastic, metal, tires,  furniture, major appliances, yard waste, carpet, mattresses, bricks, mortar, drywall, plaster, asphalt roof/shingles, insulation, siding.


 NOT ALLOWED ITEMS: common household items such as ~ household garbage, municipal waste, asbestos, infectious waste, radioactive waste, waste grain, elevator screenings, treated grain, animal waste, carcasses, sewage waste, hazardous waste, oils, greases,  oil filters, solvents, waste containing free liquid, pesticides, paint cans, cleaners/chemicals, batteries, concrete, clothing, televisions, computers, microwaves.


**Freon must be removed from all Appliances before being disposed of.**

Signs are posted at each designated pit~please make sure items are sorted specifically or charges will TRIPLE.